Advanced 3D Motion Analysis

The World's Most Advanced, Flexible & Reliable
3D Motion Analysis Systems

Designed For Space, Customised For You
Used by Anyone

Clinical Gait Analysis

The Healthcare Professionals' Choice for
Clinical Gait Analysis

Clinical Grade 3D Motion Analysis & Integrated Video

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Sports Motion Analysis

For Indoor & Outdoor 3D Motion Analysis

Portable 3D Motion Analysis & Video Capture for Indoors & Outdoors

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Platinum Standard for 3D Precision & Timing Accuracy

Solutions for Precision 3D Motion Analysis & Synchronised 3rd Party Systems

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Research
Indoor & Outdoor 3D Motion Analysis

Solutions for Today's Civil Engineers and Building Utilisation Researchers

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Ergonomics, Robotics & Animation

Ergonomics, Robotics & Animation
Best-In-Class Low Latency 3D Systems

When low-latency, portability and systems integration are important

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Welcome to the future of 3D Motion Capture

Codamotion has been the leading innovator of high-accuracy 3D motion capture systems for research, clinical and aerospace applications for over 30 years.  Our systems track and analyse 3D movement in every kind of environment from large fixed laboratories, through sunlit sports pitches, to the ultimate challenge of space, always providing users with the highest precision and lowest data latency. We supply our products to the world's foremost hospitals and university research teams, as well as having systems approved for space flights and space station use by both NASA and the European Space Agency. 


See how we can support your application requirements by clicking on any of the images above.


Why Codamotion?
  • Most Portable System

    Codamotion systems can be carried by a single user and set up

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  • Can Be Used Outdoors

    Codamotion also offers an outdoor option- the Codasport system, featuring cxs units.

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  • Highest Accuracy

    Codamotion technology allows more accurate measurements at greater marker-to-sensor separations.

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  • Most Reliable Tracking

    Codamotion systems leave our factory with their marker IDs already set.  There

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  • Shortest Set Up Time

    A single user can set up a Codamotion system in a new

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  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

    Codamotion systems require a minimum amount of routine management and provide more

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  • Feedback in Real TIme

    Data from Codamotion systems need no post-treatment, so results can be displayed

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  • Most Flexible Modelling Software

    ODIN software has a built in suite of modelling, analysis, calculation and

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